A-GROUP Insurance Company

A-GROUP Insurance Company

About the company:  A-Group is one of the largest companies in the insurance market of Azerbaijan.  Company was founded in 1995 and currently offers 14 types of voluntary insurance. Covering such fields as property, vehicle, cargo and liability insurance A-Group is regarded as a true leader in the health insurance market.  Medical Department of Insurance Company is represented by highly qualified professionals; so far Insurance Company has been holding leadership in the field of medical insurance for several years by now.  The Company is proud of the list of its customers, including famous international and national enterprises. The daily amount of insurance payments to the clients of A-Group is more than $20,000! A-Group Insurance Company repeatedly assured compliance of its management system to ISO 9001:2015 international standard.  A-Group works hard towards provision of services corresponding to the highest standards to maintain its unexceptionable business reputation gained through years of activity. A-Group constantly works in the direction of acquiring new fields of business (activity) and professional development of its staff.  A-Group policy holder benefits from the highest standards of personal service!

Address:  87 R. Behbudov Street., Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel:  * 0909