Aims and Mission

The Caspian Energy Club is the largest and dynamically developing regional organization that brings together over 5,000 member companies and organizations from 50 countries around the world operating (or having intentions to work) in the Caspian, Black Sea and Baltic regions.

The Caspian Energy Club was established in June 2002 through an active involvement of Caspian Energy and with the support of the largest oil & gas companies.

The formal name is the Caspian Energy Club. Along with the formal name, in different countries it is also called the Caspian Business Club, Caspian European Club and CEIBC (an abbreviated form).

The official website of the Caspian Energy Club –

For now, the Caspian Energy Club company has been announced a managing company to arrange the work of the Club.

The Caspian Energy Club is headquartered in Baku, the only littoral state capital in the Caspian Sea region.

Primary objectives of the Caspian Energy Club are:

- To be actively involved in the business-to-government (B2G) dialogue  within the framework of organized CEO Lunch events, business forums, round tables,  and meetings of sectoral committees and workgroups

- To carry out systematic study of  problems and suggestions of foreign and local business representatives, and bring this information to the  top leadership of the country, including representatives of the  Administration of the President,  the government, parliament and government entities supervising the economic bloc;

- To lobby and promote companies, as well as their products and services in the Caspian, Black Sea and Baltic regions and far beyond;

- To provide informational support and promotion for projects facilitating an establishment of  a favorable  investment  and business climate,  and also lobby introduction  of digital economy, innovative  and environmentally clean technologies in all the sectors of economy;

-To implement different information projects promoting support and development of small and medium business, and also establishment of a dialogue between SME and large business representatives.

The Caspian Energy Club member companies are divided into honorary, platinum, golden, silver, bronze and associated members.